Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of some of the most asked questions we get. If you still can’t find an answer to a question that you might have about renting houseboats, our facility or Lake Cumberland in general, please don’t hesitate to call us at (888)782-8336 or email us here.

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Questions About Houseboating (18)

Do you need to have a special license to drive a State Dock houseboat?

No. We instruct every captain in the operation of the houseboat before you leave the marina. You do need to be 21 to reserve a houseboat.

Are there anchors on the houseboats?

No. Because of the depth of the lake (90 feet average), it’s really to impractical to use anchors. We do supply tie up ropes that you can use to tie up to the shoreline.

Do you allow pets on the your houseboats?

YES, WE DO! We are now pet friendly. However, we do require a $200 non-refundable deposit.

What does the T or F stand for next to the houseboat names?

The letter stand for the days that the boat leaves the marina. For example, a 900T begins its trip on either a Thursday or Sunday and a 900F begins its trip on either a Friday or Monday.

If we have a houseboat rented, do we get a discount on a auxiliary watercraft?

No, but we do give a discount for consecutive days of rental: 10% second day, 20% thereafter.

Do life jackets come with the houseboats?

Yes, all houseboats are equipped with life jackets. Of course, if you would like to bring your own, you can.

If we pick up our houseboat late, say 7 or 8 pm, can we still take our boat out?

Houseboats cannot leave the marina after dusk, so if you show up after dark, you would have to stay until morning on the marina.

Are there holding tanks on the houseboats?

State Dock houseboats are equipped with U.S. Coast Guard certified toilets and type one Marine Sanitation Systems. All toilets and treatment systems are top quality Crown or Atlantis units manufactured in the USA by the Raritan Engineering company under strict USCG guidelines.

The treated and harmless fluid is periodically discharged from the underside of the boat, just as it is from any town or city system, except that the boat waste water is treated to a marginally better degree. No health or contamination risk exists from the process.

As we continue to add new boats to the fleet (1000s, 900s, 800s, a few of the 750s), they are being equipped with holding tanks that are pumped out at the end of each trip.

What form of payment is acceptable for rentals?

Personal check is accepted 30 days prior to arrival. Master Card, Visa, Discover, cashier’s check and money orders are acceptable forms of payment as well.

How much is fuel at State Dock?

$3.99 – 90 Octane
$4.09 – 93 Octane
$4.09 – Diesel

Is there a charge for extra linens?

No, but we do ask that you bring back your dirty linens before we give you clean ones

Do your houseboats come equipped with marine radios?

Yes. We monitor the radio 24 hours a day.

Can we pull a ski boat or waverunner behind the houseboat?

Yes, we suggest towing your boat behind your houseboat instead of tying it to the side. We will provide specific instruction on how to do so once you arrive.

Why are the check-in days different for the houseboats?

To alleviate congestion on the marinas, we stagger our check-in days so that half the fleet leaves on one day (Thursday & Friday or Sunday & Monday) and the other half leaves the following day.

Can we run a tab against our deposit for gas, ice, etc.

At this time, we don’t offer that service.

Questions About Lake Cumberland & State Dock (20)

How big is Lake Cumberland?

No. The lake is 101 miles long, has 1255 miles of shoreline and 66,000 surface acres.

How deep is the Lake?

The average depth of the lake is 90 feet.

What kind of fish are in the lake?

Largemouth bass, small mouth bass, white bass, Kentucky bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Catfish, Walleye and Striper Bass.

What is the average temperature?

   Air     Avg

When was Wolf Creek Dam built?

Construction on the dam began in 1941 and was completed in 1950.

How far is it to Wolf Creek Dam?

It is 8 miles south past the State Park entrance by road.

When is the best time to see fall colors?

Usually around the second or third week of October.

Where do you go to feed the animals?

Behind the dining room in Lure Lodge is a patio where animals (mostly raccoons) gather to be fed.

How large is the State Park?

It is approximately 3,400 acres.

Where should rental customers park?

There are parking spots on the hill down to the marina. There are also several parking areas available for customers to park. The marina has a shuttle that will drive people down to the marina.

Where can we launch our boats and where can boat trailers be parked?

A public launching ramp is located in the park about one mile away from the marina. There is usually plenty of parking for your trailers. There is no charge for launching your boat. We can also provide you a ride back to the marina.

Does the State Dock run a shuttle to and from Jamestown Marina?

Yes, we can provide shuttle to Jamestown Marina during the summer months. Just ask the front desk for assistance.

Is the State Dock privately owned?

Yes, the marina is an entity of Suntex Marinas located in Dallas Texas. The name “State Dock” often gives the impression that it is a state run facility. It is actually a privately owned business. The Dock is a licensee of the Kentucky Department of Parks.

Suntex Marina - Lake Cumberland State Dock

How late does the State Dock stay open?

Our current store hours are from 10am – 4pm daily.

During the summer months, the shipstore is open until 11pm. It is recommended that if you come to the dock after hours, you check in with the night watchmen on duty.

At what times does the Lodge dining room serve meals?

Breakfast 7:00am – 10:30am
Lunch 11:30am – 2:20pm
Dinner 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Where is 76 falls?

To the left of the dam, at the very end of Indian Creek.

Can people fish from the dock?

Sorry, but no. For the safety of other people, we ask that people go to the shoreline who want to fish close to the marina.

Where can scuba tanks be filled?

Beaver Creek Marina has the facilities to fill tanks.

How far is it to Cumberland Falls?

It is approximately 81 miles, by way of the Cumberland Parkway, then Hwy 27, then Hwy 90.

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